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This site is to connect you to others like a global telephone book and help you find things to do locally and globally. While the emphasis is towards stewardship of the planet and protecting it for future generations, you should find plenty to assist you to connect to local people and use your computers effectively.

Here, you can find local artists easily. And farmers. In fact, you can find people by skills, interests and location, And allow others to find you by sharing your details, Nearby businesses are here.

Like to know what's on locally? Find when interesting local happenings such as markets, yoga groups and so on are on,

Need a planet to live on? You can see
enlightening global events, Join groups of people "saving the humans and the planet" here.

Use Google or Microsoft to write emails and documents, use spreadsheets, and help you to create your own Web pages, using Linux, Mac or Windows. Any operating system that supports a fairly modern Web Browser (Firefox, Seamonkey, Internet Explorer and so on) can be used.

If it is your first time here please go to Read me now. You may need to create a Google Account.

Click on a link in boxes below to take you straight to the service you need today. some will open in new windows so you can do several things at once.